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Prayer & Eucalyptus


Ralonda Cunningham is a mother of two who is single (sounds so much better than "single mom," plus it doesn't define me," in her sassy voice"), a budding author, and an executive event planner. Born and raised in Oakland, CA her passions are encouraging women, especially equipping young women with tenacity to not only overcome any challenge, personal or professional, but to thrive. Tapping into the power of prayer has become a natural part of her DNA, and community service is near and dear to her heart.

She also co-leads the prayer ministry at Sequoyah Community Church in Oakland. In that role she leads the prayer teams during Sunday services and also leads a Thursday evening intimate hour of prayer that is open to both women and men. Prayer in her own words, is her survival, it has gotten her through many devastating situations, including a crippling disorder as as an infant, a horrific car accident where she was ejected from the car and life-flighted to the ER while in college, and a divorce after 22 years of marriage.

Earlier this year Ralonda launched Prayer and Eucalyptus, a business designed to encourage, equip, and uplift women via two outlets, her upcoming book and a signature women’s refresh event to be held twice annually, both called Prayer and Eucalyptus – A Sassy Tool Kit to Victory! Prayer representing strong faith, Eucalyptus representing self care.

Ralonda is also Director of Events at Sutter Heath Bay Area, where she’s been designing, planning, and managing 30 to 40 events annually, for the past 20 years. These events vary anywhere from 30 to 3,000 people, including award dinners, walk-a-thons, board retreats, conferences, symposiums, grand openings, etc. So yes, she grew up in the corporate world.

She also serves the community via the Oakland East Bay Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., where she created Delta Water Girls which provides free water at various local health fairs and walks.

For fun Ralonda loves traveling, vintage shopping, most outdoor activities, relaxing in any water setting, spending time with her children, Nyla age 15 and Shawn age 20 and can't forget Bouncer, her 4 yr old brown and white Newfoundland. She calms every evening with a eucalyptus candle and a prayer of thanks.


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